Egyptian Neonatal Network for Training Pediatricians (ENNTP) is a project aiming to establish a national network of trained Egyptian Pediatricians capable to use electronic health records and conduct leading multi-disciplinary, collaborative research dedicated to the improvement of neonatal health and health care to international standards. ENNTP is funded by a Tempus Grant for three year duration.

Five collaborating neonatal intensive care units from different Egyptian Universities (Mansoura, AlAzhar, Ain Shams, Tanta and Alexandria) join the ENNTP project. All units admit sick newborns and they will share the predefined set of patient database using the internet as the tool of communication. Each Unit will encourage other Units from nearby Hospitals (governmental, NGO, etc) to join. The EU partners (Spain, Germany and UK) are members of Euroneonet, a structure we need to imitate and join later. They will share in advice, training and quality control.  This will be done through setup a neonatal database, participating in the development of academic staff and their clinical colleagues working outside universities regarding education and innovative research capabilities that can result in improved health and  the quality of health care and provide basis for health policy planning and quality improvement and join other international networks.

This is will be achieved by doing a series of activities in Egyptian Neonatal Network (EGNN) design, research awareness, training workshops for staff and researchers from universities and outside the academic institutions and communication with health care leaders and similar international networks.